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Amisk School is a primary school with four single graded classes from grades ECS-3. We offer a full range of programs following the Alberta Learning curriculum. The teachers are supported by a number of teaching assistants, with everyone working to help students succeed. Programming is developed collaboratively, with an emphasis on early literacy and numeracy. Staff members are continually attending professional development activities to increase their knowledge and understanding of new curricula and programs. Students throughout the school enjoy physical education classes five times a week, as well as art, music and drama.




Becky West


Amisk SCHOOL MISSION: The mission of our school is to guide our students to achieving a successful education in a caring, safe and enriched environment.


  • Amisk School provides students with a safe and secure learning environment. 
  • Amisk School aims at academic excellence for students at all abilities but also provides students with a variety of opportunities. 
  • Amisk School emphasizes basic learning skills and strives to create high, but realistic, expectations for students. 
  • Amisk School helps students maintain a sense of self-worth through positive learning experiences. 
  • Amisk School aims at students developing independent thought and a sense of responsibility. 
  • Amisk School encourages an active and healthy lifestyle. 

At the A.P.P.L.E. Center, we believe that the administration, teachers, support staff, parents and students are a team. For this commitment to learning to be successful, the entire team must work collaboratively. As parents and students, we ask that you commit to the following: 

  1. Ensure that your child arrives at school and is properly nourished, rested and ready to learn. 
  2. Provide a nutritional lunch. 
  3. Strive to have your child attend school each and every school day. 
  4. Set aside reading time each school night. 
  5. Monitor homework to see that it is complete. 
  6. Communicate with your child’s teacher should you feel there is an area of concern. 
  7. Attend, as requested, all scheduled parent/teacher conferences.