About Our School

Amisk School is a primary school with four single graded classes from grades ECS-3.  We offer a full range of programs following the Alberta Learning curriculum.  The teachers are supported by a number of teaching assistants, with everyone working to help students succeed. Programming is developed collaboratively, with an emphasis on early literacy and numeracy.  Staff members are continually attending professional development activities to increase their knowledge and understanding of new curricula and programs.  Students throughout the school enjoy physical education classes five times a week, as well as art, music and drama.  

Why is the Amisk School often referred to as the A.P.P.L.E. Center?  When the Amisk School was reconfigured in 2008 it was named the A.P.P.L.E. Center.  A.P.P.L.E. Center is the acronym for the Amisk Public Primary Learning Environment. The A.P.P.L.E. Center is a primary school for students from Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Amisk School is located in the Village of Amisk - serving the communities of Amisk, Hughenden, Czar and Metiskow.  Amisk boasts access to skating, curling, bowling, and golf facilities, libraries, a dance academy and 3 well maintained community halls. Nearby Shorncliff Lake Provincial Park offers the chance for recreational boating and swimming in the summer months, and is ideal for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and wildlife viewing in the winter time. The Village of Amisk has housing available at very reasonable rates and is a 15 minute drive to Hardisty (which is a central oil hub for many established oil companies) or a 30 minute drive to Wainwright.

School Mantra

“I Can….. You Can…..We Can…..Succeed!”

School Population

Currently, we have 67 students enrolled at the A.P.P.L.E. Center. 

  • Kindergarten - 16
  • Grade 1 - 15
  • Grade 2 - 16
  • Grade 3 - 15

Visitors and Volunteers

To ensure the safety of students, please sign in at the office when you visit/volunteer at the school. It’s important for the staff to know who is in the building. Thank you for your help in ensuring the safety of all students.

Parent and Emergency Contact Information

Please make sure all contact information is current. If your address, home phone, cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and/or emergency contact people have changed please let the school know. Call the school at 780-856-3771 or email ashley.flaade@btps.ca with updated information.If you have questions or are unsure what information we have please call or email. 

Can Tabs

Amisk School will be a CAN TAB collecting site for the Ronald McDonald House. We are helping a charity realize its goals.

Nut Aware School

We all care about our kids and their health. For some students, exposure to allergens, such as nuts can be very discomforting and even life threatening, therefore we ask for your assistance in recognizing our school as a “nut aware” school. Please do not send lunch or snack items to school with your child that contain nuts or nut products.

Cub Coupons

Cub coupons are awarded to students who show exemplary behaviour or extra effort in class or in our school. Recipients receive a coupon outlining their special achievement, visit Mrs. West’s office to choose a prize, and are recognized at our monthly Basket of Greatness assemblies. Check out each month's Cub Coupon recipients on display at the entrances to the school.

Library Books

Students in grades 1-3 visit our school library once a week.  They also have the opportunity to visit the Amisk downtown library once a month.  Students can check out 2 books from our library and need to return them by their next library date.  The school will be implementing a cost recovery fee for any library books not returned that are deemed lost.

Student Pictures Published

From time to time many of our school events such as the Christmas concert, Basket of Greatness, Winter and Summer Games or the year End Awards pictures are published, displayed in the school, newsletter, newspaper, website, or school social media accounts. If you have any concerns with having your child photographed or interviewed and/or possibly published please contact the school at 780-856-3771.

BTPS Transportation

Large Items on School Buses

Large band instruments and sports equipment such as skate boards, hockey sticks, hockey bags, curling brooms, skis, etc. are not allowed on the bus. Small band instruments and skates in a properly secured bag (i.e. not plastic) with skate guards will be transported on school buses. Students must be able to hold all of their school items on their lap without the items projecting out of their seating area into the aisle or into another student’s space. Items no larger than 13” x 13” x 23” can be carried on the school busses. This applies to regular bus runs. 

Proper Winter Attire

Regardless of the temperature, students should always wear or carry with them appropriate winter attire when riding the school bus. 

Bus Driver Notification

When the weather is cold it is very important that you let your bus driver know that you will or will not be on the bus so they can adjust their stop times so students are not waiting longer than necessary at their bus stop. 

Inclement Weather

If the bus is not running due to inclement weather your bus driver will call you. If you have already left for work before your children get on the bus you can check the BTPS website here. We try to update the website as soon as we are notified by the bus driver.

The inclement weather administrative procedure can be found here

Buses will not run when the temperature is -45 oC with or without the wind-chill. If the bus does not run in the morning they will not run in the afternoon; therefore, if you transport your child(ren) yourself to school you will be responsible to bring them home as well.