Kindergarten is a time for children to learn to be more independent, to learn to be a good friend, and to learn to work as a part of a group. There is also a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills.  In Language Arts we use Animated Literacy and Handwriting Without Tears.  In Math we learn about numbers from 1 to 10, making patterns, 2D and 3D shapes and measurement.  The program being  used is Mathology and it provides support in all of these areas in the math curriculum, In Social Studies the students will be given opportunities to become aware of who they are as unique individuals and to learn to express themselves.  The other subjects that the Kindergarten students do are Health, Music, Creative Movement and Art.

Grade 1

Welcome to grade one! Grade one is such an exciting time and is a year full of growth! In grade one we learn why words are important and how we can use words to communicate, express ourselves, and to make stories. In grade one there is a heavy focus on phonemic awareness (the ability to focus on and manipulate individual sounds in spoken words) and phonological awareness (identifying and manipulating units of oral language - word parts, syllables, oral rhymes, and onset and rimes). We use the CAFE strategies (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding vocabulary) to become better readers. In math we use a program called Mathology that is very hands on. We learn all about patterns, number sense, addition and subtraction, measurement, and all about 2D and 3D shapes. In Science we explore colours, seasonal changes, using our five senses, the needs of plants and animals, and we learn all about building things! In Social Studies we learn all about the groups and communities we belong to, our rights and responsibilities, what it means to be a good citizen, geography, and about our past. And much more! 

Grade 2

Grade two has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and is woven throughout the day in all subject areas.  In language arts we use the program Words Their Way to strengthen their phonetic and spelling skills.  We also use a guided reading program designed to provide targeted instruction to all reading levels.  In math we learn all about numbers to 100, patterning, 2D and 3D shapes, non-standard measurement, addition and subtraction up to 100 and data relationships.  The use of the program Mathology provides support in all areas of the math curriculum.  Social studies in grade 2 allows the students to discover how unique Canada is by examining the culture, traditions, geography and daily life of the communities Meteghan, Iqaluit and Saskatoon.  In science we learn all about magnets, hot and cold temperatures, boats and buoyancy, small crawling and flying Animals and we get to explore liquids.  

Grade 3

In grade three students are able to build upon the foundational knowledge they have learned in grades K-2 and begin to become more independent learners. In Language Arts we use the Words Their Way program for spelling and a Guided Reading program to strengthen our reading and comprehension skills. We also work through a variety of writing assignments and three novel studies within the school year. In math students learn some new topics they have never seen before like fractions, multiplication and division. Social Studies takes us on an adventure to four different continents where we study the countries India, Peru, Ukraine and Tunisia. Students develop an understanding of global citizenship by learning about what it is like to live in other parts of the world. In Science grade three students love to learn about rocks and minerals. We also study animal life cycles, testing and building materials, and hearing and sound.